Hart Cell Cycle Diagram Image

This human anatomy diagram with labels depicts and explains the details and or parts of the Hart Cell Cycle Diagram Image. Human anatomy diagrams and charts show internal organs, body systems, cells, conditions, sickness and symptoms information and/or tips to ensure one lives in good health.

The phases are: 1. G1 (gap1) phase 2. S (synthesis) phase 3. G2 (gap 2) phase 4. M (mitosis) phase. Cell Cycle: Phase # 1.

The Cardiac Cycle. The cardiac cycle includes all of the events that take place during one heartbeat. There are 3 phases to the cardiac cycle: atrial systole, ventricular systole, and relaxation. Atrial systole: During the atrial systole phase of the cardiac cycle, the atria contract and push blood into the ventricles.

I hope, the heart diagram and the blood flow chart given above is clear to you. As the work of a heart is critical and essential, even a small blockage in the blood flow may be fatal. There are many heart conditions which if not taken care in time may even result in death.

Hart Cell Cycle Diagram Image

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