Crown Before After Photo1 Image

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Dental crowns plays an important role in supporting and restoring the normal structure and appearance of damaged teeth. If any of your front teeth has suffered severe damage, broken or extensively decayed, a dental crown repair is usually recommended. However, it is possible that you can crown your front tooth just for aesthetic improvement.

Before: this patient had a crown on one of his central incisors. He was unhappy after the procedure, due to the unrealistic appearance of the crown. He was not satisfied with how his natural teeth were, their shape, color, and appearance.

It is always best to keep your own tooth rather than a dental implant: The patient chipped the porcelain crown due to a heavy bite and not wearing a nightguard to protect the crown. The result is chipped porcelain and food accumulation between teeth causing periodontal disease.

Crown Before After Photo1 Image

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