Envrionmental Allergy And Asthma Diagram Image

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Exposure to many environmental factors can trigger and exacerbate asthma. The American Academy of Pediatrics has published a book about childhood environmental health problems, which states: “Avoiding environmental allergens and irritants is one of the primary goals of good asthma management” [AAPCEH 2003].

Pathophysiology. Work-related asthma is defined by causation or worsening from exposure to occupational environmental sensitizers, irritants, or physical conditions. Regardless of the asthma trigger the response is characterized by inflammation, edema, bronchoconstriction, and buildup of mucus in the airways, leading to coughing, wheezing,…

“What differentiates environmental allergies from other allergies is the source of the allergen,” says allergy and infectious disease expert Jonathan Rigby. “Environmental allergies are an immune response to various triggers in a person’s surroundings that they inhale or come in contact with during normal activities.

Envrionmental Allergy And Asthma Diagram Image

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