Endometrial Cancer Metastasis To Bone Jvrucwgo Image

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Sites of bone metastases in 19 patients with endometrial cancer. Twenty-nine osseous sites of metastasis were identified in 19 patients. Sites are shown independent of right/left location to avoid misinterpretation.

Methods We retrospectively reviewed medical records of patients who had osseous metastases of endometrial cancer treated initially at Mayo Clinic (1984–2001), and of all patients who were referred for treatment of primary bone metastases after primary treatment for endometrial cancer elsewhere. Results

Four (19.0%) patients had a bone lesion at the diagnosis of endometrial cancer. The median time of recurrence to the bone in 17 patients was 9 months (range, 2-43 months). The median overall survival (OS) and survival after bone metastasis of the entire cohort were 33 months (range, 9-57 months) and 15 months (range, 12-17 months), respectively.

Endometrial Cancer Metastasis To Bone Jvrucwgo Image

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