Ear Diagram Image

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The Structure of Human Ear. Helix: It is the prominent outer rim of the external ear. Antihelix: It is the cartilage curve that is situated parallel to the helix. Crus of the Helix: It is the landmark of the outer ear, situated right above the pointy protrusion known as the tragus.

Computed tomography ( CT scan ): A CT scanner uses X-rays and a computer to create images of the ears and surrounding structures. Magnetic resonance imaging: Using radio waves in a magnetic field, a scanner creates high-resolution images of the ears and surrounding structures.

One such organ is the ear that helps us in the process of hearing and balancing. The sound waves entering the ear get converted into electric impulses for the brain to understand and interpret. Let us take a look at the human ear structure with the help of a diagram, and understand its functions a little more closely.

Ear Diagram Image