Lymph Node Structure Diagram Image

Lymph node is small, oval or bean-shaped body. It is a collection of lymphoid tissue enclosed in a connective tis­sue capsule and lying along the lymphatic stream. From the capsule, strands of tissue pass into the substance of the node and are known as the connective tissue trabeculae. In the human lymphatic nodes the trabeculae are ill-de­fined.

Lymph nodes work like filters, or in our analogy security guards to filter bacteria, viruses, parasites, other foreign material (even cancer cells) that are brought to the nodes via lymphatic vessels.

Localized vs. generalized: The term localized refers to enlarged lymph nodes in only one location. When generalized lymphadenopathy (enlarged nodes) is present, it is more likely to be infections such as mononucleosis (but can also be due to other conditions).

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