Spleen Picture

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The spleen is an organ in the upper far left part of the abdomen, to the left of the stomach. The spleen varies in size and shape between people, but it’s commonly fist-shaped, purple, and about 4 inches long. Because the spleen is protected by the rib cage, you can’t easily feel it unless it’s abnormally enlarged.

Although the spleen is connected to the blood vessels of the stomach and pancreas, it is not involved in digestion. The spleen contains two main regions of tissue called white pulp and red pulp. Red pulp: Contains venous sinuses (cavities filled with blood), and splenic cords (connective tissues containing red blood cells and white blood cells).

Picture of Spleen. The spleen is an approximately 5-inch by 3-inch organ that is located in the upper left abdominal area. It is located just behind the stomach and under the diaphragm.

Spleen Picture

spleen picture