Picture Of Humerus Bone

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In the upper arm, the brachial artery branches into several arteries, distributing oxygenated blood from the lungs and heart. The radial nerve runs a similar course over the bone and into the forearm. Because it connects at the shoulder with a rotational joint, the humerus is instrumental in supporting many of the arm’s functions.

There are two main approaches that your surgeon may use: Pins and screws. If you have an open fracture, which involves a piece of bone sticking through your skin, surgery will be required to clean up the broken ends and they may use pins and screws and plates to hold the broken ends of your humerus in place. Bone grafting.

There are three types of humerus fracture, depending on the location of the break: Proximal. Mid-shaft. Distal.

Picture Of Humerus Bone

picture of humerus bone

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