Asthma Triggers Image

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If you have asthma, an asthma attack can happen when you are exposed to “asthma triggers.” Your triggers can be very different from those of someone else with asthma. Know your triggers and learn how to avoid them. Watch out for an attack when you can’t avoid the triggers.

Things that cause asthma symptoms to worsen are called “triggers.” 1 You and your healthcare provider can work together to identify your asthma triggers. If you are aware of your triggers, you can be prepared for times when additional treatments may be needed.

Since some asthma triggers are impossible to avoid, it’s important to always carry your reliever medication with you just in case of a trigger causing an asthma attack. Inflammatory (allergic) triggers set off an allergic reaction and can cause inflammation of the lung airways or tightening of the airway muscles.

Asthma Triggers Image

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