Ankle Sprain Chart Image

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A Grade I ankle sprain is the least severe. This is a stretching of one or more of the ligaments which results in mild pain and tenderness. Usually, the patient can bear weight and has only mild stiffness in the ankle joint. With a Grade I injury, treatment includes the classic RIICE: Rest, Ice, Immobilization, Compression and Elevation.

Bruising and swelling are common signs of a sprained ankle. If there is severe tearing of the ligaments, you might also hear or feel a “pop” when the sprain occurs.

After the examination, your doctor will determine the grade of your sprain to help develop a treatment plan. Sprains are graded based on how much damage has occurred to the ligaments. If the doctor moves the ankle in certain ways, there is an abnormal looseness of the ankle joint

Ankle Sprain Chart Image

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