What Do You Need To Be a Guidance Counselor

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To become a school guidance counselor, you must obtain a bachelor’s degree in a related field such as psychology, education or counseling. In many states, certification as a guidance counselor is required once degree requirements are completed.

How to Become a Guidance Counsellor 1 Step One Graduate from university with a three or four year degree. … 2 Step Two In order to be a school counsellor, you need to have your teacher qualifications. … 3 Step Three Apply to teaching positions, including supply teaching and/or volunteering. More items…

A bachelor of science degree in psychology is desirable if you are planning to become a school guidance counselor. A psychology degree will help you understand, direct and counsel students who are dealing with life issues and who need guidance for the future.

What Do You Need To Be a Guidance Counselor

what do you need to be a guidance counselor