Acrylic Temporary Teeth

A temporary tooth is used to fill in space for a missing tooth or to temporarily cover the abutment of a dental implant while the bone heals around the implant. Your dentist may recommend that you wear a temporary tooth to protect the space left by your missing tooth and stop other teeth from shifting into that space.

Dental acrylic in dentistry. Acrylic restorations Acrylic resins restorations have been widely used in dentistry in the past but since higher quality materials have emerged, they have lost ground. Although they are still used in certain parts of the world as permanent restorations, their main indication is for temporary prosthetic devices.

The material used for temporary teeth is usually acrylic-based or stainless steel, this ensures that you can eat with the tooth still in your mouth. The different options for temporary teeth include:

Acrylic Temporary Teeth Diagram - Chart - diagrams and charts with labels. This diagram depicts Acrylic Temporary Teeth

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