Spleen Anatomy

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Anatomical Position. The spleen in located in the upper left quadrant of the abdomen, under cover of the diaphragm and the ribcage – and therefore cannot normally be palpated on clinical examination (except when enlarged).

Although the spleen is connected to the blood vessels of the stomach and pancreas, it is not involved in digestion. The spleen contains two main regions of tissue called white pulp and red pulp. Red pulp: Contains venous sinuses (cavities filled with blood), and splenic cords (connective tissues containing red blood cells and white blood cells).

The “gastric,” or stomach region is the “anterior,” or front surface of the spleen. It faces forward and curves inward, like a soup spoon. This allows it to curve around the stomach, which nestles into the spleen. The very bottom of the gastric region touches the tail of the pancreas.

Spleen Anatomy

spleen anatomy