Pictures Of Lumbar Spine

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The lumbar spine typically has a slight inward curve known as lordosis. The lower back region contains large muscles that support the back and allow for movement in the trunk of the body. These muscles can spasm or become strained, which is a common cause of lower back pain.

The lumbo-sacral spine includes: 1 Lumbar vertebrae: Numbered L1 through L5, these odd-shaped vertebrae signal the end of the typical bones of the spinal… 2 Sacrum: This triangle-shaped bone is made up of five fused vertebrae. It fits like a wedge into the back of the pelvis… 3 Coccyx: This small bone is better known as the tailbone. More …

The lumbar spinal nerves that branch off from the spinal cord and cauda equina to control movements and sensation in the legs. When viewed from the side, the lumbar spine has a concave lordotic curve that helps distribute weights and reduce the concentration of stresses. An increase or decrease in this lordosis may contribute to lower back pain. 2

Pictures Of Lumbar Spine

pictures of lumbar spine