Gasser Fig Gs Image

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A Gasser is (or was) basically a stock production type vehicle with a hopped-up engine. A stock car with a non-stock engine as it were. And the engine did not need to be the same brand as the car. For instance, an old Ford coupe with a later model Oldsmobile engine would fit right into a Gasser class.

I was lucky to see this car racing in person, the first time in 1966 at DeLand, Florida (NASCAR Winternationals) and later in the 1960’s, at Lions Drag Strip…. Just another ’32 Ford Gasser. It’s important to remember that the Gasser classes were originally created for stock street driven vehicles with non-stock or modified engines.

The lower Gasser Classes were typically full of street/strip cars, the upper class cars (A, B, C) not so much… Before Kelly Chadwick became famous racing his F/X and Match Race Chevelle and Nova, he was a terror with this B/Gas ’32 Ford… Have I told you that I love 1937 (and 1938) Chevy Gassers yet? Okay, I love 1937 (and 1938) Chevy Gassers…

Gasser Fig Gs Image

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