Pelvic Girdle Diagram Image

Structure of the Pelvic Girdle. There are four articulations within the pelvis: Sacroiliac joints (x2) – between the ilium of the hip bones, and the sacrum Sacrococcygeal symphysis – between the sacrum and the coccyx. Pubic symphysis – between the pubis bodies of the two hip bones.

The pubis forms the anterior part of the pelvic girdle. It is a flattened, irregular-shaped bone that articulates with the pubic symphysis, a cartilaginous joint. Image captured from Human Anatomy Atlas. Did you know? The pelvic girdle is part of the appendicular skeleton, which also includes the shoulder girdle and the upper and lower limbs.

hip girdle; consists of a single hip bone, which attaches a lower limb to the sacrum of the axial skeleton inferior opening of the lesser pelvis; formed by the inferior margin of the pubic symphysis, right and left ischiopubic rami and sacrotuberous ligaments, and the tip of the coccyx

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