Medical Certification Process

Complex cases are examined through a peer review process. There are several steps to the medical certification process. Being prepared for your examination is the first step in process and can help save time by reducing the need for potential follow up activity. Frequently asked questions on the Medical certification process are also available.
Certification allows the provider and subsequently the department to bill the State Department of Mental Health for Medi-Cal services. The certification process will normally be twenty-two (21) to thirty-one (31) days in duration. Please follow the DBH certification process as outlined below before submitting a Medi-Cal application.
You’ll need to get a medical certificate signed by a medical practitioner. There are 2 options. You can ask your medical practitioner to complete and sign either: Once you have your medical certificate, keep it for 6 years in case we require it later.

Medical Certification Process Diagram - Chart - diagrams and charts with labels. This diagram depicts Medical Certification Process

Medical Certification Process scaled