Picture Of Femoral Artery

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Location and Primary Function. When the heart pumps blood, that blood then circulates through almost all parts of the body through a complex network of veins and arteries. The femoral artery is one of the biggest, and is usually responsible for blood flow for roughly everything below the waist.

This is because when a blockage develops gradually collateral blood vessels develop, which allow blood to flow around the site of the blockage. When the blockage is sudden there is no development of collateral blood vessels to alleviate symptoms. Femoral artery disease symptoms may include the following:

The femoral artery is the main artery that provides oxygenated blood to the tissues of the leg. It passes through the deep tissues of the femoral (or thigh) region of the leg parallel to the femur. The common femoral artery is the largest artery found in the femoral region of the body.

Picture Of Femoral Artery

picture of femoral artery

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