Skin Specialist

This human anatomy diagram with labels depicts and explains the details and or parts of the Skin Specialist. Human anatomy diagrams and charts show internal organs, body systems, cells, conditions, sickness and symptoms information and/or tips to ensure one lives in good health.

Skin Specialist. Definition. Dermatologists practice dermatology which deals with the physiology and pathology of the skin. A Dermatologist is the physician who is engaged in the diagnosis and treatment of disorders or diseases of the skin and integument.

Dermatologist and skin specialist are the same. Both refer to doctors or physicians who have been trained to diagnose and provide treatment to diseases or disorders related to skin. Simply, a Dermatologist practices Dermatology.

Many people confuse skin specialists with skin care specialists. Skin care specialists are people providing beauty treatments related to skin, hair and nails. Dermatologist is a more medical formal term used for a skin specialist.

Skin Specialist

skin specialist