Pronation Of Hand

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Hand pronation is the rotation of the hand, wrist, forearm, and all related structures in a direction that leaves the palm facing a more posterior, or back, position than its original orientation. Hand supination is the exact reverse motion,…

The wheel like rotation of the head of the radius enables supination (palm facing upwards), and pronation (palm facing downwards). Pronation and supination can easily be confused, so learn the following mnemonic to help you differentiate them! Pronation and supination are only two of the numerous body movements – how well do you know the others?

3. Pronators And Supinators Of The Hand. The movements of pronation and supination have already been described (page 304). They are performed by five muscles, two pronators and three supinators. The pronators are the pronator radii teres and the pronator quadratus.

Pronation Of Hand

pronation of hand