Fixed Teeth Replacement Image

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Fixed Bridge is second type of full arch tooth implant replacement. As the name suggest, your false teeth are permanent or non-removable. Only the dentist can remove the replacement teeth during your regular dental cleaning. Fixed Bridges are more expensive that Denture Implants. They generally need more tooth implants, around 6 to 8 per jaw.

One or more missing teeth can be replaced by taking the support of adjacent teeth on both sides. This is the most common type of dental bridge that is used for both the front and the back teeth. This is preferable in the cases where: The adjacent teeth are strong enough to provide support to the prosthesis.

There are two major types of implant teeth replacement: Denture Implant and Fixed Bridge. Fixed Bridge has 3 subtypes: Fixed Hybrid Bridge, All on 4 Dental Implants, and Zirconia Fixed Bridge.

Fixed Teeth Replacement Image

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