Systems In The Body

Body systems are an organized group of tissue that forms a particular function. These functions work with other systems in the body. Some of the main systems of the body are digestive, circulatory, nervous, respiratory and muscular.

Muscular system: Enables the body to move using muscles. Nervous system: Collects and processes information from the senses via nerves and the brain and tells the muscles to contract to cause physical actions. Renal system and Urinary system The system where the kidneys filter blood to produce urine.

The different organ systems in human body include. 1. Skeletal system: This system is made of bone cells and cartilage cells which are hardened. They are meant to provide the body frame, shape, support to other organs and also protect them. This system is also flexible at places called joints.

This diagram with labels depicts and explains the details of Systems In The Body.

Systems In The Body

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