Skeleton Labeled Diagram

Labeled Human Skeleton. The labeled human skeleton system is comprised of 206 different bones of various sizes and shapes, all with the primary purpose of providing support, protection, and shape to the human body. When humans are born we have close to 300 bones, and over time they fuse together.

Given below is a labeled diagram, and tips to help you draw and memorize the names of different parts. Here is a detailed diagram which shows the various bones present in an adult skeletal system. There is a little difference between the male and female skeleton, but for diagrams mostly a male skeletal system is considered.

The skeletal system is one of the important human body systems. We have divided the human skeletal system, into four sections for better understanding, so let us go from top to bottom and study the human skeleton.

This diagram with labels depicts and explains the details of Skeleton Labeled Diagram.

Skeleton Labeled Diagram

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