Pictures Of Tissues In The Body

4 Types of Tissues in Human Body and its Functions. 1 Epithelial tissue. This tissue is an uppermost tissue covering all the organs or body. This tissue based on need is of different types as simple … 2 Connective tissue. 3 Muscular tissue.

There are four different types of tissue, or cell groups, in the human body. Depending on the function of the tissues they can be categorized in different groups; Connective, Epithelial, Nervous, and Muscular.

Organs such as blood, brain, lungs and the heart are surrounded by jam-packed epithelial tissues to great a protective barrier. The barrier created by this form of tissue helps defend the body from unwanted infections and viruses. The epithelial tissue is a tissue with many useful purposes such as absorption,…

This diagram with labels depicts and explains the details of Pictures Of Tissues In The Body.

Pictures Of Tissues In The Body

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